Oxygen Bars Business Opportunity


Oxygen Bars Business Opportunity
Oxygen Bars Business Opportunity Oxygen Bars Business Opportunity

Bar Installation Instructions 

Our EQ7845 four station "O2 to Go" bar has been designed to be easy to setup and easy to move. It is constructed with a welded aircraft aluminum frame which is strong and light. The ABS wrap is flexible and tough for the occasional bumps that occur in the real world. Our Engineers designed the bar to dramatically reduce hardware and setup. Not one single tool is required to setup or dismantle the bar for moving. Cool Huh!

Initial Setup (with or without Marquee)  Microsoft Word Version

  1. 1. Remove the clear acrylic bar top from the cardboard envelope and place it on top of the bar. There is a small notch on the wide side of the bartop, align this with the center line of the back doors. Be sure the back of the bar and the back of the bartop are flush. The Velcro strips will hold the top. It is best not to lift the bar with the top as the Velcro may release and the bar could be dropped.


  3. 2. (we now do this step for you at the factory) in your starter kit is the connector kit. Connect the line from the center "Tee" to the oxygen Generators Output barb. Zip tie the connector kit along the light bar immediately above. Be sure that the tubing can reach about 6 inches through each hole in the bartop. Use a line connector and cut extra lengths of tubing from the 25' bulk tubing in the starter kit if necessary. 


  5. 3. (we now do this step for you at the factory) Locate the 4 leads with the 2.5mm X 5.5 mm jacks on the end. It looks nicer if you also string these with the vinyl tubing along the light bar. They need to stick out a little longer than the tubing does as they connect to the back of the infusor and the vinyl tubing connects to the bottom a 4 inch shorter distance.


  7. 4. Place the four Infusors on the bartop and connect them to the power jacks and the vinyl supply tubing as shown. It is better if you put the filled aroma bottles in after you connect as you need to lean the infusor over to connect the oxygen supply tube and you could dump the aroma. 


  9. 5. Connect power to the bar. A 2" hole is provided in the bottom of the bar for the power cord to go out to an extension cord or wall plug if close enough. Turn on the power strip. The fans and light should come on. We ship the bar with the Generator switch in the off position, if it is on, turn it off now. We want to check that the infusors are powering properly before running oxygen through them.


  11. 6. Check that the baselite in each infusor is on and that the digital timer scrolls "O2 Bar" press the green button on each infusor a couple of times and check that time is counting up. Wait for 2 seconds and you should hear a soft click come from each unit. That is the "oxygen on" solenoid activating.


  13. 7. Fill your aroma bottles with the aromas of your choice DO NOT put the aroma labels on them until you have installed them in the Infusors or the labels will not face the customer.  Install the aromas in the infusors by aligning the bottles under the holes in the upper manifold and twisting to the right while putting up pressure. Once the bottles start to thread turn them until they are snug.  Put some time on the timer and turn on one or more of the aromas on the gang valve on the front. If everything checks out cut a length of tubing about 24" long to use as a supply tube push it on to the chrome output barb on the front. Use this to connect the Oxerator the customer puts on.


  15. 8. Do a full load test now. Put a full 30 minutes on each Infusor and turn on all 4 aromas on each turn on the generator and let each Infusor run to zero. 

If you purchased the optional marquee read on.

  1. We designed the marquee to be well lit and very light. In spite of its size it only way 22 lbs. making it easy to lift and set on the uprights. We now make the uprights out of "C" channel allowing the power cord to be put into it for cosmetic reasons.


  3. 1. On the back of the bar, remove the 1/4" bolt from the upper brackets (you do not need to remove the bolts from the bottom bracket) push the uprights into the lower bracket with the open side facing backward. Once the upright is setting on the bottom bolt push the upright into the upper bracket on the bar. Replace the bolt.


  5. 2. Remove the lower bolt on the bracket on the back of the canopy. Using two people lift the canopy onto the uprights sliding it down onto the brackets. replace the left bolt. When replacing the right bolt put the power cord for the canopy behind the bolt. I also route the wire behind the upper bar bracket and then fish it under the bar and up through the hole for the main power cord.


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